User Models

Using your own user models with the HEAT plug-in

ALL custom USER MODELS need to be placed in the Characters folder in your Content Drawer in order to work properly with HEAT.

  • Ensure that your model is in the content browser file path: ALL/Content/Characters. This is where Unreal typically puts any custom character that you import into your project, but please double check and make sure. Move the character if it is not in the correct place.


HEAT retargets off of a T-Pose, so if your character is in any other position please start here. If your character is already in T-Pose you can skip ahead to the Blueprint Class section.

  • Open up your characters Skeletal Mesh asset

  • Adjust your characters pose to match a T-Pose.

  • Create a Pose Asset from this new T-Pose:

    1. Name your new Pose Asset.


  • If you are using a character downloaded or rigged from Mixamo, Unreal, Vipe, or Ready Player Me we already have blueprint classes available for easy use. Simply download the needed Blueprint Class asset from this link and add the downloaded UEAsset file to your Characters folder of your unreal project. If you are using a fully custom character and rig please skip ahead to the Creating a Blueprint Class section to remap from HEAT to your custom bone names.

The downloaded UEasset file must be added to your project in the windows file explorer, not directly in the project. A simple way to do this is to right click on the 'Characters' folder in your content browser and select 'Show In Explorer'. Copy and paste your Blueprint Class UEasset into this location.


  • In the content browser right click in an empty spot in the Characters folder that your imported character is in.

  • In the right click menu, under the 'Create Basic Asset' section click the 'Blueprint Class' option.

  • An options window will pop up on your screen with a search field in it. In this search field look for 'HeatPoseModifier' and select it.

If you do not see the search bar in the blueprint class builder click the drop down arrow next to 'ALL CLASSES'

  • A new Blueprint Class will be created in your content browser. Name this asset something that makes it easy to find and identify.

  • Open the newly created Blueprint Class asset and open up the 'Bones Map Overrides' dropdown on the right hand side of the window.

  • In the 'Bones Map Overrides' section begin to fill out your corresponding bones to match the HEAT bone names. e.g. Heat_Hips -> Hips.

  • If your character was not already in a T-Pose then pull the previously created T-Pose PoseAsset from your content browser into the 'Pose Asset' section of the Blueprint Class above the Bones Map Overrides section.

Remember to only add a pose asset if your character is NOT already in a T-pose


  • In the Project Settings search bar type 'Heat'.

  • In the 'Key (Soft Object Path)' section drag your characters Skeleton asset onto the selection area OR select your characters Skeleton from the drop down menu.

  • Below in the 'Value (Soft Class Path)' drag the created or downloaded 'Blueprint Class' asset OR select it from the drop down menu.

  • Your character is now ready to be dragged into the scene and animated from the HEAT plug-in!


  • Open the HEAT plug in by navigating to the main menu bar at the top of your project and selecting 'Window -> HEAT'.

  • Log in if you are not already

  • In the lower right hand corner of the Plug In change the 'Import As:' field from Unreal Mannequin to User Model.

  • Now under the 'Model' drop down you will see your own user character. Select it.

  • With your model selected drag and drop any animation in the HEAT library to be immediately retargeted to your own user character!

Next you will find a link to our pre-made Blueprint Class configuration files.

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