Quick Guide

Import HEAT animations into Unity quickly and easily.

HEAT currently only works with the Humanoid System. Please reach out to us at support@heat.tech if you would like to explore the Legacy System functions we have developed.


  • The Unity Plug-in communicates with the HEAT motion library through the HEAT Bridge. If you haven't downloaded and installed the HEAT Bridge please start here.

  • In your Unity project with the HEAT plug-in package installed navigate to the top menu bar 'HEAT -> Animation Loader' to open the HEAT Animation Loader pane.

  • Open the HEAT Bridge on your PC.

  • With the HEAT Bridge now open and connected the HEAT Animation Loader within Unity should read 'HEAT Bridge connected'. You are now ready to import animations!


  • In the HEAT Bridge locate an animation that you would like to pull into your scene and click it.

  • The animation card will expand to show a full size 3D viewport of the animation with it's title, description, and tags.

  • The HEAT animation will download into Unity and you will get pop-up with a confirmation message when complete.

  • Click 'OK' in the confirmation pop-up.

  • You will now be able to locate the HEAT animation in the project file explorer under the filepath 'Assets -> HEAT -> Animations'.

  • The imported animations are now ready to be used in your Unity project.


  • You can now drag and drop your animation onto any humanoid character in your scene.

  • To ensure that your character is set to Humanoid mode select it in the 'Project' window file explorer and check that the 'Animation Type' option under 'Rig' in the 'Inspector' pane is set to 'Humanoid'.

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