Getting Started

Getting started with the HEAT plug-in in Daz 3D Studio.

The HEAT Bridge is necessary to be able to pull animations into Daz Studio. If you have not already downloaded and installed the HEAT Bridge please refer to this previous section.


  • Downloading the Daz Studio Plug-in

    1. Begin by making sure you have the HEAT Bridge installed on your computer. If not please navigate back to the HEAT Bridge section and follow the installation instructions.

    2. Download the HEAT to Daz Studio plug-in from the Daz marketplace here.

  • Installing the Daz Studio Plug-in

    1. After downloading launch Daz Install Manager and you will find 'Heat Animation Plugin for Daz Studio' in the 'Ready to Download' tab. Choose to download it. If it does not automatically install the plug-in you will find it under the 'Ready to Install' tab and can from there click the install button.

    2. At this point the HEAT plug-in should show up under the 'Installed' tab in Daz Install Manager.

    3. Open Daz Studio 4 and in the panes along the left side of the screen you should see one that reads 'HEAT Animations'. HEAT has successfully been installed and you are ready to import animations!

Next we will go through a quick guide on using HEAT within Daz Studio 4.

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