Getting Started

Getting started with the HEAT plug-in for Unity.

The HEAT Bridge is necessary to be able to pull animations into Blender. If you have not already downloaded and installed the HEAT Bridge please refer to the HEAT Bridge section.


  • Downloading the Unity plug-in

    1. Begin by navigating to and select the link to 'Download Heat Bridge'.

    2. Unzip the downloaded file ''. Inside this file you will find the Unity plug-in package as well as the HEAT Bridge, Daz3D plug-in, and Blender plug-in.

    3. The HEAT Unity plug-in file will be located in the uzipped directory at 'HEAT-Bridge -> Plugins -> HEAT_Unity_Plugin -> HEAT_Unity_Plugin.unitypackage'.

  • Installing the Unity plug-in

    1. Open Unity.

    2. In the top menu bar navigate to 'Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package...'

    3. Navigate in your file browser to the 'HEAT_Unity_Plugin.unitypackage' file that you downloaded in the previous step, select it, and hit the 'Open' button in the Import Package window.

    4. After the plug-in installs you should see a new option in the top menu bar that reads 'HEAT'

    5. Open the 'HEAT' menu bar option and select 'Animation Loader'. This will open the crucial HEAT loader aspect of the plug-in.

  • Unity is now ready to receive animations from the HEAT Bridge.

Next we will go to the quick guide on getting animations from HEAT to Unity.

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