Retargeting with HEAT

Retarget a HEAT animation from a HEAT armature to your own rigged character.


For successful retargeting from HEAT your character's Rest Pose must be in a T-Pose.

  • If your characters 'Rest Position' is not in a T-Pose follow these steps to adjust it:

    1. Select your characters armature.

    2. In the upper left hand corner of the 3D viewer change the 'Object Interaction Mode' to 'Pose Mode'

    3. In the armature data panel switch the back to 'Pose Position' from rest position.

    4. Adjust your characters pose to be in a T-Pose by selecting the upper arm or shoulder bones and rotating them until the pose is correct. If you need more help with posing we recommend reading the Blender documentation for more information.

    5. You're current pose position will now be set as the 'Rest Position' and you are ready to retarget!


Please follow above section to make sure your rigged character is in T-Pose before retargeting with HEAT. Retargeting will not come out as expected if the character is not in T-Pose.

  • Make sure you have a HEAT armature in your scene that has a HEAT animation applied to it.

  • The bone list will appear and HEAT will attempt to match all of the HEAT bones to your rigged characters bones.

  • Play your animation and you should see your own rigged character now performing the same movement as the HEAT armature.

When retargeting it is best to keep your custom character zeroed out in the 3D viewer in the same space as the HEAT armature. This will ensure that the retargeted animation on your character has the same origin point as the source animation.

Next we will go over binding a HEAT armature to your own custom character mesh.

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