Getting Started

Learn to install and start up the HEAT Bridge.

The HEAT Bridge is a program that directly interacts with the HEAT plugins for Blender, Unity, and Daz3D by allowing you to directly import any animation from the HEAT motion marketplace.

  • Installing HEAT Bridge

    1. Click the link that reads 'DOWNLOAD HEAT BRIDGE'

    2. Once download is complete extract the file HEAT-Bridge.ZIP

    3. Upon extracting you will have a folder containing the executable file HEATBridge_Installer.exe. Open that file to install HEAT Bridge.

    4. At the final page of the installation you have the option to 'Launch HEATBridge', leave that box checked so that HEAT Bridge starts up now.

    5. HEAT Bridge installation is now complete, and the program should start automatically.

When installing HEAT Bridge you may receive a warning from Windows that looks like the image below. We are a new team that is currently building reputation with SmartScreen. In the meantime if you encounter this warning please click 'More Info' followed by 'Run Anyway' to safely install HEAT Bridge.

  • Signing into HEAT Bridge

    1. This will bring up the log in/sign up portal.

    2. Either log in with your email and password OR, if you haven't signed up yet, at the top of the portal click 'Sign Up' and create your account.

Next we will go over using the HEAT Bridge to interface with the HEAT marketplace.

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