Using the HEAT Bridge

Browsing, uploading, collecting, and importing animations via the HEAT Bridge.

  • At this point you will be seeing the same interface that you would on our Web UI. You are able to explore animations, create collections, and even upload animations for use with our plugins from the bridge. You can find an in depth explanation on these features on the Explore Animations page of this guide.

  • The bottom bar of the HEAT Bridge is the real utility of the program.

  • In the lower left hand corner you will see the connection indicator.

  • To the right of the connection indicator you will see the 'Plugin Selection Drop Down'.

  • With this drop down you will select which 3D program you are sending animations to. You can even have all three programs open and send animations to each one depending on which you have selected. There are three easy steps for importing animations:

    1. Select an animation to import.

    2. Choose which 3D program you would like to import the animation into.

When importing to blender you will see three icons next to the import button. These are different import options:

Next we will talk about how to implement our animations within each plugin that the HEAT Bridge interacts with. Feel free to navigate directly to your 3D program of choice below:

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