Reallusion iClone

Export settings for iClone

Recommended models

  • CC4’s Kevin or Camilla

  • T69H’s iAvatar (optimized for Reallusion) download here

Special Tools

HEAT iClone Tools plugin available to download here.

Steps to Export

  1. Start by downloading our HEAT iClone Tools plugin from the Reallusion marketplace here.

  2. Reallusion does not currently offer an easy way to install plugins to their products so we will have to do it manually. Start by unzipping the downloaded file.

  3. Inside the zip file you will find a folder titled 'HEAT Tools'.

  4. Copy the 'HEAT Tools' folder.

  5. Navigate to this location on your PC: 'C:\Program Files\Reallusion\iClone 8\Bin64\OpenPlugin'

  6. Paste the 'HEAT Tools' folder in this location.

  7. Open

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