Daz 3D with the Heat Unreal Engine Plugin.

Easily import HEAT animated Daz 3D figures into Unreal Engine.

  • Download and install the 'Daz to Unreal Bridge' located here: https://www.daz3d.com/daz-to-unreal-bridge. This link will walk you through all of the instruction on downloading and installing the Daz to Unreal Bridge. You will also have to install the Daz to Unreal Bridge plug-in in Unreal Engine as well.

  • Once the Daz to Unreal Bridge is installed you will be able to pull Daz figures easily into your Unreal Engine Scene.

  • You can take this one step further by animating them with HEAT.

    1. Send your Daz 3D figure to Unreal by selecting your character and navigating to 'File -> Send To -> Daz to Unreal' in the top menu bar of Daz.

    2. Once the figure is retrieved by Unreal you will be able to instantly access it within the HEAT Unreal Plug-in.

    3. Open the HEAT Unreal Plugin in your UE5 project.

    4. Find an animation you like and drag and drop it directly into your Unreal scene. Your Daz figure will appear and instantly start animating!

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