Creating and utilizing Collections.

Collections are a group of animations that you can create to help organize your favorite and most used movements. Think of collections like a playlist for animation.


  • The collection create window will pop up in the center of your screen.

  • Choose a name and description for the collection you are going to create. You can even give each collection it's own profile picture

  • Choose whether you want to make this collection public or private.

    • Public - Anyone on the HEAT platform can view your collection, and you can freely share your collection with other HEAT users.

    • Private - The collection will be for your use only, no other HEAT users will have access to it.

  • After clicking create collection you will be redirected back to the main Collections page and you will see your newly created collection. Now we can add animations to your collection.


  • The save to collection popup window will appear in the center of the page. Select the button of the collection you would like to add to.

  • Your chosen animation is now saved into your created collection.

Private animations (animations that you have uploaded to the platform but are not listed for other users to purchase) are only able to be put into private collections.


  • Select your new collection by clicking on the title of its collection card.

  • You will now see all of the animations that you have saved to this collection.

  • within our plugins you can now navigate to this collection to more quickly and easily find the animations that you need for a given project. You can also copy and paste the URL of this collections page to share your collection with other HEAT users!

Next we will go over how to upload your own animations to HEAT and what you can do with them once they are uploaded.

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